All questions big and small.

Ah, the ultimate question. Inkpact works with brands to increase their sales, reduce churn and grow their businesses. We do this by allowing you to personalise customer communication by cleverly fusing together tech (our platform) and humans (our lovely Scribe Tribe).

One question we get a lot is ‘is it really humans that write the notes?’ Yes, we have built a ‘Scribe Tribe’ of trusted humans with beautiful handwriting. When you submit a campaign, our scribes write it all for you with a fountain pen.

Quite the contrary my friend. Whilst pizza flyers and printed bank statements might be…beautifully handwritten envelopes of mystery with thoughtful messages inside to loyal customers are fast becoming the thing of the future. The more noise digital makes, the more successful a handwritten note to an unsuspecting recipient will be.

We’re an outdoorsy, nature-loving team, so naturally, this was one of our first questions too! We use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers for our stationery which means we have the assurance that it is made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified forests or from post-consumer waste.

It’s super simple – watch our 60-second video below, then go to www.inkpact.com/signup for your free account!

Yes, the recipient list in a single campaign must contain 20 contacts or more.

Single campaign:
Our single campaigns are a way to send out mailings on a one-off basis. Whether you’re sending a batch of messages for a one-time-only event or a Christmas card campaign, you can simply upload your CSV of recipients and send them all in one go. We usually recommend starting with a single campaign if you’re testing Inkpact’s services for the first time.

Frequent campaign:
With our frequent campaigns, you have access to our handy integrations with Salesforce or Zapier. This means you could automatically drip feed customers a meaningful note anywhere along the user journey. With frequent campaigns, you also have exclusive access to our API which will plug straight into your CRM system for continuous connection building with a difference! Frequent mailings can have one set template message (which can be easily personalised with first name, company name or any segment you choose) and can be sent out continuously to different customers however often you need.

Salesforce – Add the magic of the human touch into your Salesforce CRM and discover endless ways to delight all of your customers as easily as clicking a button.

Zapier is the best way of automating handwritten notes into your workflow or customer journey. With Zapier you can automate using thousands of apps to create mind-blowing marketing campaigns with a human touch. (Our favourite zap is from Typeform to Inkpact for personalised lead capture campaigns)

API – Our simple API solution means that you can plug Inkpact straight into your CRM system or eCommerce website, transforming and personalising your customer service communication forever.

Email our team at concierge@inkpact.com or speak to them on 023 8110 3192 to find out how you could benefit from our apps and integrations.

The date you pick on our platform will be the day it arrives with your recipients. The process from purchase to drop date is 7 working days.

The only way to send handwritten messages with a faster turnaround is if you’re on an Inkpact subscription plan. You can then have access to our ‘frequent mailings’ feature which includes a speedy 3-working-day turnaround.

Please note: the first campaign that you schedule using the frequent feature will be 7 working days and is then 3 working days from then onwards as standard.

No need. Your postage is included with every order. We deliver all campaigns with a first-class stamp via Royal Mail direct to your recipients.

This is something we CAN do, but is a bespoke offering. Please drop the lovely sales team a call on 023 8110 3192 or ping them an email to concierge@inkpact.com

This is something we CAN do, but this is more of a bespoke offering. All stationery is included with an Inkpact campaign and you can design this yourself. We allow all Inkpact members to drag and drop imagery or branding onto our premium white stationery and type any information into the footer of the notecards and letters.

For the bespoke offerings drop the lovely sales team a call on 023 8110 3192 or ping them an email to concierge@inkpact.com.

Yes, once our Scribes have completed writing your messages they are then digitally forwarded to our quality assurance team who check through every single one and ensure all are at the same high standard, written with care and with zero mistakes.

This is not something we offer as standard, as all messages are handwritten, sealed and posted first class directly to recipients. If you do have a large order which needs to be bulk shipped to one address, then please drop the lovely sales team a call on 023 8110 3192 or ping them an email to concierge@inkpact.com.

As with anything you send in the post, it’s necessary to check with the recipient if you need a guaranteed answer to this. We use Royal Mail’s first class stamps which means that everything posted to a UK address arrives within 1-3 working days.

Royal mail publicly reports back on their quality of service, and they currently deliver 98.7% of mail within the 3 working days (not bad eh!)

Uh oh! Have no fear, there’s always a few things to double check! (Ideally before sending your campaign)

Common themes are:

Sending to a ‘companies house’ address/registered office address and not the actual business address your person is located at

Your data is a little old and needs validating. People move homes, countries, in with significant others etc!

Internal corporate mail – once Royal Mail has done its job, it’s up to another business to get this through their own internal system so give it an extra day or two.

The dog ate it.

The reason we’re even in business is that there are so many businesses that don’t have the time to create stationery, pen hundreds of notes by hand and check that there are no smudges or spelling mistakes on every single one. As we have a team that prides themselves on striving for the very best quality, we do all of this for you.

For absolute peace of mind, why not add a seed (test letter) to your campaign. You’ll receive the same handwritten note that’s going to your recipients and you’ll have the same experience on the day they arrive in the post!

As with any marketing campaign, it all depends on what your CTA (call-to-action) is.

Here are some examples of what you can do to track the ROI of your campaign:

– Add a footer at the bottom of the notecard that contains a trackable call-to-action

– Track things such as purchases using trackable codes entered on check out, or shortened URL links to a specific landing page on your website

– Simply have your sales reps follow up personally with calls and emails

– If you’re split testing email or print vs. handwritten, then track the first sales from the different segments of recipients

For any advice on tracking campaigns, feel free to pick up the phone and chat to our team on 023 8110 3192 or ping them an email to concierge@inkpact.com

A6 is 350 characters

A5 is 620 characters

A4 is 1715 characters

We love sharing ideas on how to be even more creative with handwritten notes, so if you’re looking for something more bespoke then drop us an email to concierge@inkpact.com or give us a call on 023 8110 3192 to see what’s possible.

Why not speak to our lovely humans sat near a telephone on 023 8110 3192 or email us at concierge@inkpact.com. We’ve all been there, at the very start, trying to figure out which way is best. They’re full of ideas and happy to share our use cases with you to give your inspiration a boost!

Pressing the chat icon on the bottom right of this page will get you a fast answer from our team of techies.

The Scribe Tribe are a community of humans from all over the UK, from every background. They are all incredibly talented and creative people and comprise of Nanas in Newcastle and Mothers in Manchester, from ballet dancers and creative artists in the city. The one thing that unites them all is that they all have beautiful handwriting!

Our writers are all freelance, which allows them to be flexible with their work and also enables us to send hundreds of thousands of messages on behalf of our clients (that’s you!)

To learn more about the Scribe Tribe then ping our Community team a message on community@inkpact.com. They’ll answer any questions you have about joining our Scribing superheroes.

If you don’t spend all of your credits, they simply roll over. This means you’ll have them to spend on customer delight next month.

Firstly, topping up credits means you’ll save time at the checkout. Better still, your team will also be able to login to their accounts and send handwritten communication easily spending the company credits you have loaded on the account, all the while…saving you money on every campaign.

You can do so by logging into your Inkpact account and clicking your profile in the top right-hand corner where you will find the credits purchase page.

You can pay exactly as you usually would on our payment page with a credit card, but keep in mind that you receive a discount on all Inkpact credit bundles saving you money if you check out using your Inkpact credits.

Yes. Once you’ve purchased credits for the month you are free to spend these as you wish. Small, medium and large stationery all have a credit amount assigned to them, and this amount will be deduced from your pre-loaded credits on your account once you submit campaigns for writing.

Yes. You can spend your credits on both single campaigns and frequent. Every time you upload a new recipient, whether you’re set to a daily or weekly cycle, your notecard will simply deduct it’s value from your credit balance automatically. This makes things super streamlined for ongoing customer service replies and everyday marketing.

No. Credits can be used on both a single campaign or for frequent. Our daily/weekly ‘frequent’ feature that allows you to send handwritten letters within three working days can be available to you when you become an Inkpact subscriber.

We cannot offer a refund on credits once they’ve been loaded on your account for that particular month. However, your credits do roll over indefinitely, meaning that you can use them at a later date should you wish to.

If your credits run out and you’ve still got handwritten communication you want to send that month, you can simply top up your credits for that one month. If you find that you’re always topping up, you can upgrade your credit bundle and obtain more credits each month to avoid running out.

No one knows your customers better than you. But no one handwrites letters at scale more beautifully than we do. That’s why we leave the message you say up to you and then beautifully handwrite that for you.

Top tip: put pen to paper yourself to come up with the messaging, it’s been scientifically proven to help compose thoughts and ideas!

We’re always happy to offer a helping hand though, so why not ping over your messaging to sam@inkpact.com (she is our in-house copy queen) and she’ll give you some honest and friendly advice on what you’ve got so far!

The main uses for Inkpact are sales prospecting, customer experience and events. Whether you’re in Sales, HR, Marketing or CX, we have solutions to suit all SMEs. However, the sky’s the limit. If you have an imagination and want to try something different, you can choose whatever you use the power of the pen for.

Here are some of the most popular things people use handwritten notes for:

Lead capture
Trade show follow-ups

Executive recruiting
Employee retention
Employee retention

Lead conversion
Event invites
Event thank yous
Customer delights

Customer service

Inkpact is for everyone who wants to create a real connection with those who matter most to your business. Inkpact creates messaging that gets opened, always delights and people will want to keep.

Salespeople, recruiters, event planners, customer success people, HR directors, champions of customer experience, operations, marketers and all-around creative communicators use Inkpact regularly.

We integrate with Zapier, which means the ways to build Inkpact into your workflow are endless.

i.e. Use a Typeform to capture leads and use Zapier to zap the new leads straight into an Inkpact campaign to send a personalised follow-up.

You can also integrate Inkpact into your CRM with our API to make customer service and prospecting as easily as sending an email (but one hundred times more effective!)

Our Salesforce integration is now also up and running, meaning you can segment customers and automate meaningful handwritten messages at the push of a button. Speak to jade@inkpact.com to learn more!

Originally founded in a bedroom in Birmingham by Charlotte Pearce in 2015, and growing into a tech start-up when she met Andrew Martin, the co-founders build an idea into a scalable solution for human-to-human businesses.

Now based in London, we’re now an ambitious team of ten, with a seriously talented Scribe Tribe that’s 150 strong, a brainy dev team in India and unforgettable investors. Inkpact is saving the business world from digital communication overload and bringing back real human connection. If you’d like to know more, we’re a friendly bunch and love nothing more than a chat with nice human beings, so if that’s you, get in touch.