Making your Customer Journey more

We enable brands to drive sales and Customer Lifetime Value.

Human Connection is the Future for Brand Loyalty.

We increase your first to second purchase rate by sending handwritten notes triggered across your customer journey.

Our clients have happy customers that spend more and leave less.

Emotional connection in the mail = outstanding results.

No Robots Here.

We genuinely handwrite hundreds of thousands of notes every month.

700+ people in the UK/US form our Scribe Tribe. Single mothers, those recovering from cancer, affected by COVID, artists and teachers handwrite your cards, supporting their families and moving their lives forward.

OB’s handwritten welcome campaign significantly outperformed their other marketing channels and pushed second purchases.


Increase in basket size with Inkpact

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Reach Customers your Other Marketing Can't.

No need to fight spam filters or unticked preferences.

  • 99% open rate.
  • get customers undivided attention.
  • they read it, they love it, they share it.
  • measurable results, trackable ROI.
  • make your CRM system work harder for you.
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Your stationery design, your branding.

Our stationery is FSC approved and we offer seeded card options.

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Soon to be your Favourite CRM Activity.

Do you use Shopify, Magento, Exponea or another E-commerce/CRM tool?

Quickly integrate with your CRM tool and easily create triggers to send handwritten notes throughout your customer journey.

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“At BrewDog our community and customers are at the heart of everything we do and it’s really important to us that we connect in a personal and authentic way.

Inkpact enables us to do this using a really human and tangible approach and as well as delighting our customers”

EmmaHead of CX, Brewdog

“Inkpact delivered on an incredible Christmas campaign for us “Give a little love”. Our ambition was to give love to as many customers as possible and we did just that, Inkpact sent magic through the post. Our members were delighted, and so were we! We saw an organic flood of posts on social media from very happy recipients, and even some customers driving into store to thank our Partners in person. Huge thanks to all the scribes and the team at Inkpact.”

IndiaCRM Manager, John Lewis

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