Handwritten notes proven to increase customer retention

Adding handwritten notes into your marketing strategy is the best thing you can do for customer retention and loyalty, and we’ve proved it. With inkpact outstanding result are right around the corner with our seamless integrated and compliant software. Design you stationery, upload your recipients, type your message and our scribes do the rest. Real writing, real people, real results.


Created your own branded stationery

Our built-in design tool enables you to create your stationery just the way you like it.

  • Upload your logo in full colour
  • Add your footer details
  • Choose your handwriting style
  • Optional branded wax seal

To get a real feel for our handwritten notes, you can order a full sample pack including all our note card sizes which will be delivered direct to your door Order sample pack

Your notes

Same quality, same impact, different sizes

A6 handwritten notes

Postcard size

The perfect size for a personal thank you or follow up note.

  • A6 premium paper printed with your design
  • Handwritten message up to 350 characters
  • Handwritten premium quality envelope
  • 1st class stamped and posted for you

A5 handwritten notes

Half A4 notebook size

The most popular choice for prospecting, customer loyalty, and invitations.

  • A5 premium paper printed with your design
  • Handwritten message up to 620 characters
  • Handwritten premium quality envelope
  • 1st class stamped and posted for you

A4 handwritten notes

Letter size

The practical choice for when you’ve got a little more to say.

  • A4 premium paper printed with your design
  • Handwritten message up to 1715 characters
  • Handwritten premium quality envelope
  • 1st class stamped and posted for you

How it works

How to order your notes, simple, quick & compliant

We combine tech with personalisedd handwritten notes to enable you to communicate with your customers directly, in meaningful and memorable ways. Sounds complicated? It really isn’t in a couple of minutes you simply;

  • Create your branded stationery
  • Choose a handwriting style
  • Type your customer message
  • Personalise with attributes (if you wish)
  • Securely upload recipients
  • Pay & our scribes do the rest!

Who writes your notes?

The scribes tribe do, we’ve built diverse community of over 400 humans, trained to handwrite your messages, the tribe is made up of mother, the elderly, students and people recovering from illness but they all have one thing in common – beautiful handwriting.

Member pricing

Our most popular pricing option for growing brands. Our member pricing plan is the most cost, and business effective way to deliver growth and loyalty.

  • Prices starting at £2.50 per unit
  • Use credits to do various A/B tests across your journey
  • 3 working day turnaround
  • Daily upload and integration features
  • An expert account manager
  • 3 month trial period, if you aren’t happy with our result walk away with no implications
  • Automation and integration with your CRM systems

We have eligibility criteria for being an inkpact member please enquire to find out if you are eligible

Get member pricing

Subscription Pricing

  • 100 Credits
  • Between 12 - 20 Messages* per month
  • £100
    • A4

    • A5

    • A6

  • 150 Credits
  • Between 18 - 30 Messages* per month
  • £149
    • A4

    • A5

    • A6

  • 200 Credits
  • Between 25 - 40 Messages* per month
  • £198
    • A4

    • A5

    • A6

  • 300 Credits
  • Between 38 - 60 Messages* per month
  • £297
    • A4

    • A5

    • A6

  • 500 Credits
  • Between 62 - 100 Messages* per month
  • £483
    • A4

    • A5

    • A6

We want to forge a human connection with our customers, so they become a strong advocate of our brand and stay with us longer. We have worked with Inkpact to connect and create meaningful moments for our customers. These have been very successful, and we are looking forward to working with them more.
Laura - Head of Marketing at Good Energy 
We wanted something special for our pledgers. A handwritten note via Inkpact provides that personal touch we were looking for. I am delighted with the service and my account manager.
Anisha - Legacy at Macmillan Cancer Support
We’re really pleased with the number of positive comments our customers have made regarding our personalised, handwritten postcards. This in turn has had a positive impact on the number of customers we’ve retained year on year, whilst remaining cost competitive when compared to other marketing channels.
Orlebar Brown - CRM Manager of Orlebar Brown
Our members are everything to us. With Inkpact we can show them how much we value them in a way that is in keeping with and enhances our brand. Our customers love the personal touch that a handwritten note brings.
Tamara Lohan - Co-Founder of Mr & Mrs Smith
We love the personal touch of sending handwritten messages and adding that little bit extra to our customer communications. With Inkpact it’s so simple to brand our own stationery and their website makes it all so easy to manage.
Sally Haswell - Marketing manager at Secura

Single campaign Pricing calculator

Create your own campaign online in a matter of minutes

Quantity UK International
20-100 £8.00 per note + £1.00 per note
101-250 £7.84 per note + £1.00 per note
251-699 £7.68 per note + £1.00 per note
700-999 £7.44 per note + £1.00 per note
1000+ POA POA

Useful stuff before you Start your campaign

It’s our aim that your business grows, so we’ve created some handy guides to help you with get started with your campaign but also your sales and marketing in general – because when you win we win

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