Inkpact integrations

The brands we work with all have their own platforms and apps and we know you will too. That's why we've made sending a handwritten note as easy as sending an email. Whether you use Salesforce, your own CRM or one of over 800+ other software applications that integrate with Zapier (Gmail, Typeform, Hubspot etc.) there's an Inkpact integration that suits everyone.



Why use Inkpact on Salesforce?

The Inkpact app for Salesforce allows your company to send handwritten notes directly to clients from inside customer records. There's no need to use our Inkpact website separately as the Inkpact app is integrated inside Salesforce, which means that when you create triggers & workflows you can automate handwritten communication for unforgettable customer service over and over again.

Generate results in just 1 click
Create workflows to trigger automatic messages
Messages get recorded directly to the customer record
Receive a live update on status of each individual message sent
Use Inkpact as part of your Salesforce marketing Cloud
Inkpact and Zapier integrations


Inkpact Zapier Integrations (1)

Why use Inkpact with Zapier?

Zapier has the ability to create triggers to automatically add new recipients to a mailing list that is already live on your Inkpact account. This gives you the ability to send a handwritten note to new leads that subscribe as a new customer

Pick a Trigger that sets your Inkpact Zap into motion
Have your Zap trigger automated handwritten notes
Go from new customer to handwritten note in one click
Integrate with over 800 apps
Inkpact API intergration


Why use Inkpact's API

Enabling Inkpact's very own API means that you can use Inkpact within your own IT Systems. Handwritten notes can be sent to customers within your own workflows to make life easier for the whole team to deliver meaningful communication at every step of the customer journey.

Securely integrate Inkpact to any bespoke IT System
Less than 20 minutes to set up
Increased control