How To Include Special Characters In An Import File?

When uploading your contacts to Inkpact and you have a few names and addresses with special characters then you'll be needing our little guide below to ensure that it's the correct format before saving and uploading to your campaign.

Method 1:

  • Once you've downloaded your Inkpact Contacts Template, open the .csv in Excel and click File Save As.
  • Click the dropdown beside Save as File Type and make sure CSV (comma-delimited) is selected.
  • Enter your preferred filename.
  • Click the Tools button at the bottom of the window and choose Web Options.
  • Go to the Encoding tab.
  • Locate 'Save this document as' and click the dropdown menu and choose Unicode (UTF-8).

Special characters in spreadsheets can sometimes be tricky...we learned the hard way ourselves. So please be aware that there may be times UTF-Encoding in Excel doesn't always work as expected and if you're finding that any special characters aren't loading correctly, then please pick up the phone and speak to one of our team members on 023 8110 3192 who will be happy to help.