How bringing nostalgia to your customers can connect them with you

Who is Yasmin Edson?

Yasmin is the incredible owner of Mini Mimins, an Etsy account where a group friends make beautiful and original foil prints. Cute, naughty and sentimental, Mini Mimins has a print for every occasion and every wall.

What do you love about what you do?
We love creating things – we have had a few disasters along the way but after our first foil came out of the machine we were hooked! We have very different styles and love working together. To us we do this for fun and somehow started making money from it. The best combination!

What’s your favourite quote?
‘Every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen.’ – Amy Winehouse

Have you ever sent a handwritten note or letter to anyone in business or within your career?
Yes! Many times. We send out all of our prints with a handwritten note as we believe it is nice to connect with our customers like this. Also – who doesn’t love to receive a handwritten letter?! We are all about nostalgia!

If you could write a letter to anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you say?
I would write to Beethoven and ask him how it felt to produce music and then not be able to hear and experience it.

Who’s your business, career or creative inspiration?
Liz Earle – she believed in her products and just went for it!

What’s the most old-fashioned thing you do?
Play the piano and listen to old records. It is so satisfying to create your own music and play whatever takes your fancy in whatever style you want. No amount of technology can replicate the wholesome feeling when the hammers hit the strings! There is also nothing more comforting than the crackle from an old record player. The fact that you have to actively choose the song that you want to hear is so alien to modern life.

If you had time to write thousands of notes, how would you use this to change the world?
I would send little words of wisdom or sweet quotes out to the world on in fortune cookies attached to helium balloons. I would ask the recipient to do the same. It wouldn’t change the world as we know it but it would bring a little bit of happiness to a few and hopefully this would spread.

What kind of letters/notes do you keep?
Postcards and birthday cards. Although I do hate it when people don’t bother to write a thoughtful message in a Christmas card or birthday card. Why go to the effort of sending them if you aren’t going to do it properly?! I always carefully consider what to write so that it is a joy to receive.

What was the last thing you hand-wrote?
A handmade note inside the last picture we sold. I think it sets you apart from the rest when you take the time and consideration to include a little note. Who doesn’t love to receive post?!

As we continue to be overwhelmed by texts, emails and online notifications, in your own opinion – why is it so important to keep writing or receiving things by hand in real ink?
To show that you care! It takes real effort to find nice stationery and get out a pen. Nobody carries a pen these days. Handwritten notes are tangible and don’t get lost like all our tweets, emails and iMessages. You don’t need wifi or electricity to write someone a letter.

Find Yasmin Edson online at:

Instagram: mini_mimins
Twitter: @minimimins