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5 ways to spend 2 million minutes

By Sam Jones | October 30, 2017

Because who the heck doesn’t want three more years of spare time to do some crazy feats? We got pretty excited when we sat down as a team and started to calculate the amount of time our writers were saving our clients (and ourselves!) I can see you trying to work out how much time…

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How To Include Special Characters In An Import File?

By Sam Jones | September 4, 2017

When uploading your contacts to Inkpact and you have a few names and addresses with special characters then you’ll be needing our little guide below to ensure that it’s the correct format before saving and uploading to your campaign. Method 1: Once you’ve downloaded your Inkpact Contacts Template, open the .csv in Excel and click File > Save…

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How handwritten notes are driving change in the world

By Sam Jones | July 7, 2017

Meet Ishita Ranjan! Ishita is the founder of Care Package Co., a brilliant design and care package company that sells a range of creative packages for you to send to your loved ones! The packages truly inspire self-care, creativity and reflection in a quirky, personalised way. What’s your favourite quote? “I hope you live a…

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Why handwriting demonstrates a far greater level of thought

By Sam Jones | March 9, 2017

Who is Claire Aston? Claire is the founder of Spritz Blue, a beautiful stationery business that celebrates the art of the handwritten note. Claire emphasizes the ‘thank you’ note and…

Handwriting reveals personality

By Sam Jones | March 9, 2017

Who is Esther Harris? Esther is the brilliant co-founder of Bookcollective, a company that provides editing, design and publicity for authors and publishers. She is also a firm believer in the…

PR, Pigs and Penning Letters

By Sam Jones | September 29, 2016

Who’s Katy Pollard? She’s a proud Yorkshire lass, pig owner and founder of aptly named Listening Pig. Find out here to find out why she stuck to her puns when it…