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How handwritten notes are driving change in the world

By Sam Jones | July 7, 2017

Meet Ishita Ranjan! Ishita is the founder of Care Package Co., a brilliant design and care package company that sells a range of creative packages for you to send to…

How changing your mindset can lead to success as a creative entrepreneur

By Sam Jones | July 7, 2017

Meet Sarah Taylor! We recently sat down with Sarah Taylor, an artist and entrepreneur who offers a unique collection of stunning, original wildlife paintings and quirky animal prints. She’s the go-to gal…

How bringing nostalgia to your customers can connect them with you

By Sam Jones | July 7, 2017

Who is Yasmin Edson? Yasmin is the incredible owner of Mini Mimins, an Etsy account where a group friends make beautiful and original foil prints. Cute, naughty and sentimental, Mini…

Is a handwritten note the next best thing to saying it in person?

By Sam Jones | March 9, 2017

Meet Conrad Manning! Conrad Manning, the Founder of Conrad Manning Racing, has been sailing since the year 2000. As a professional sailor, Conrad is focusing on solo and shorthanded sailing in his…