5 ways to spend 2 million minutes

Because who the heck doesn't want three more years of spare time to do some crazy feats?

Samantha Jones head of creative, Inkpact

We got pretty excited when we sat down as a team and started to calculate the amount of time our writers were saving our clients (and ourselves!) I can see you trying to work out how much time 2 million minutes is. Let me do the maths for you. That’s 1388 long days. 198 whole weeks. 45 months. 3 entire years.

That’s the amount of time it takes to handwrite a letter to 50,000 customers (which is our maximum Inkpact order) When I think about sitting down and personally writing Christmas cards to family and friends, I envision getting it done in a couple of cosy nights in with an eggnog at my side (I've never even tried eggnog).

When many of our clients first discover the potential of saying "Merry Christmas" to their customers via a handwritten card, they head straight for that same romantic notion of ‘handwritten in-house’ (usually by team members and still no eggnog).

It doesn't take long to realise how long it takes...and how much the hand aches after that first 30. So instead, get your egg-noggin around what you could trade in for those three years spent handwriting a message to every customer.

1. You could smoothly sail around the world...13 times.









Just think about that. Or maybe don't if you're prone to seasickness. Alternatively, you could take a plane and scoot through the air around it a ridiculous 497 times. And if you're not scared of flying you could always...

2. Take a casual trip to Mars and back.









The journey there would take about 300 days, but you'd have to wait until Mars is at it's the closest to Earth (we're Googling this) and therefore the ideal time to pop in that spacecraft of yours. But then again, you'd have some time spare. So you could spend the next year writing a book worthy of a Nobel prize.

3. Fill your face with a whopping 6.6 million mince pies











For the piggies amongst us. Some professionals went out there and did the vital job of testing this and found it takes about 54 seconds to scoff three mince pies (albeit NOT gracefully). Just your average Christmas Eve for old Nick.

4. Run 8,300 marathons












...after all of those mince pies, you might need to. That's 216,666 miles in total. We're now wondering how many bottles of water it would take to rehydrate you along the way. Makes us thirsty just thinking about it.

5. Build a creative tech company











It's taken 2 million minutes (three years) to get here, so imagine if our Founder Charlotte Pearce had spent all of those years handwriting client letters herself? Her hand would've fallen off by now. To think that we can do three years worth of handwriting in the space of a month now is mind-blowing for all of us. We guess that's the beauty of marrying tech and humans together. (Wait, that sounds strange.)

What would YOU do? Tell us how you'd spend 2 million minutes yourself, and we'll share our favourite answers.

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